Major timber trees of Guyana. A lens key.


Authors: Brunner, M., Kucera, L.J. and Zarcher, E.

Guyana - 1994

ISBN: 90-5113-022-8

ISSN: 1383-6811

Language: English

Proper utilisations of wood and avoiding waste are important aspects of wise utilisation of tropical rain forests. Analysis of the wood characteristics of species, for correct processing and choosing appropriate end-uses is an important first step. This publication contributes by presenting an identification key to the woods of the major timber trees of Guyana. The book contains information on the geographical distribution, tree shape, structure and other wood characteristics. Many questions regarding the identification of unknown wood and tree species and their characteristics are answered in this book. For more details, the computer programme UniWoods 2.0 is included on which the identification key is based. Combined with the descriptions and illustrations in the field guide, the software forms a tool for quick identification of unknown species. A manual for the use of UniWoods 2.0 is provided. As many of the woods included in the key occur outside Guyana, it is useful for anyone with an interest in woods from Central and South America.

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