Regions where we work in Nigeria

We are currently active in the following regions:


TBI in Nigeria focuses on the expansion of oil palm plantation and the impact of oil palm production on deforestation, land and forest degradation and community livelihoods in the Cross River state.

Nigeria's political economy is strongly dependent on agro commodities like palm oil. These industries severely impact people and the environment in forested landscapes. Nigeria loses nearly 500,000 hectares of land annually to deforestation, amongst others caused by large scale commercial palm oil plantations, impacting heavily on local ecosystems, biodiversity and the local economy.

TBI in Nigeria develops its activities under the GLA programme and through local partners. The GLA programme in Nigeria aims to protect forested lands and local livelihoods from negative corporate influences.

What we do:

TBI facilitates research that is highly relevant for Environmental Rights Action (ERA)
Lobby and advocacy strategies towards reduction of oil palm expansion in Cross River State.

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