About us

Tropenbos International envisions a future in which communities equitably benefit from the sustainable use of forests in thriving and climate resilient landscapes.

Our mission is to make knowledge work for people and forests: to help develop and apply locally owned, evidence-based solutions that improve the inclusive and equitable governance and management of forested landscapes in the tropics, for the benefit of local sustainable development, biodiversity and our climate.

Over the last 30 years, Tropenbos International has evolved into a global network of organisations deeply embedded in frontier landscapes in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

2030 vision

By 2030, we will double our impact. We want to improve the governance and management of at least 20 million hectares of tropical forested landscapes. This will benefit the livelihoods of at least five million people, while also contributing to global climate and biodiversity objectives.

Unique contribution

  • People and forests in thriving landscapes - We focus on the people who live and work where forests and trees are at stake – working towards a future where communities can equitably benefit from the sustainable use of forests.
  • A global network of local organisations - Our members form a global network of local organisations that are deeply embedded within landscapes.
  • Frontier landscapes - We focus on landscapes at the frontier between forests and agriculture or other land uses.
  • Knowledge and evidence-based dialogue – We create, collect and analyse evidence from diverse knowledge systems and engage stakeholders in evidence based dialogue and collaborative learning.
  • Scaling through knowledge sharing and partnerships - We scale up our impact by influencing and forming partnerships with others, utilising our strong relationships and understanding of change processes.

Download here our strategy 2023-2027

The TBI network
Tropenbos International is organised as a network of independent member organisations. The members share a common vision and mission, as well as a common focus and approach. Each member organisation operates a national programme that is tailored to the specific local context and related conditions. The TBI network consists of member organisations in Indonesia, Vietnam, Ghana, DR Congo, Suriname, Colombia and the Netherlands.

Legal Status

  • Registered name: Stichting Tropenbos International
  • RSIN / fiscal number: 91.93.968
  • ANBI status since 2008
  • Donations are welcome at our Dutch bank account number NL 90 ABNA 0539 9088 94 to the attention of Tropenbos International, Ede, the Netherlands
  • VAT number: 009193698B01
  • Netherlands Chamber of Commerce number (KvK): 41155305
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  • Remuneration policy: CAO Rijk 2020
  • Annual accounts: 2020 | 2021 | 2022
  • Annual report: 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022

Tropenbos International policies

TBI is fully committed to organisational transparency. Where possible we make our institutional documents available.

TBI strives to deliver high quality work in line with its values and legal standards. This includes a fair and proper treatment of all our staff, partners, target audiences and beneficients. For more information please read our Integrity policy and Whistleblower Policy.

If you feel TBI, its staff members or representatives have demonstrated behavior that has been inappropriate or unjustifiable, please follow the procedure mentioned in our Integrity policy or Whistleblower Policy. You can file your complaint by sending it to integrity_officer@tropenbos.org. All complaints are dealt with confidentially and appropriate action will be taken.

TBI is committed to informing what data is collected, why it is collected, and what TBI do with it through our Privacy Statement. If you have any questions about how we use your personal information or comply with data protection legislation, please contact us by sending an e-mail to tropenbos@tropenbos.org