19 March 2024 General

Tropical Forest Issues 62 is available

Why do many farmers still resist adopting and scaling agroforestry? Are the economic benefits not enough, or not perceived to be enough? Or are there other reasons? These are the questions that were asked when work began on Tropical Forest Issues 62.

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05 February 2024 Netherlands

We co-organised a dialogue on Innovative Finance Partnerships at the Amsterdam Cocoa Week 2024

On February 5th, Tropenbos International (Bas Louman), Tropenbos Ghana (Evans Sampene, representing the MoMo4C programme), IDH Farmfit Fund (Loïc Badohoun), South Pole (Daniela Monteiro) jointly organised a dialogue on innovative Finance Partnerships that aim to enhance access to finance and diversification of income for small scale producers in West Africa, with emphasis on Ghana.

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15 January 2024 General

Internship vacancy

Tropenbos International is looking for an intern for a (desk-based) project on the link between the Tropenbos programmes and the impact reached in the implementation landscapes. In addition to this main research project, the student will be asked to support in other assignments in relation to the ongoing programmes at Tropenbos International.

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23 October 2023 General

Cocoa agroforestry in West Africa: Experiences from the private sector and opportunities for collaborative action

Despite efforts to promote agroforestry in the cocoa sector, its adoption has been slow. A new publication gives insight into the strategies of six cocoa and chocolate companies to encourage agroforestry in West Africa, and offers recommendations to accelerate its uptake.

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18 October 2023 General

How can NGOs help communities to govern their forests?

Community forest management can contribute to local development, while playing an important role in the protection and restoration of the world’s forests — crucial to tackle the global biodiversity and climate crises. The success of community forest management is influenced by the functioning of community-level governance arrangements. What role can the NGOs play in supporting and strengthening community-level governance?

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19 September 2023 General

From and for youth: Young leaders from the Amazon outline their priorities

After participating in a youth exchange in June 2023 youth leaders from the Amazonia in Bolivia, Colombia and Suriname proposed three strategic actions to be included in programmes in the region. The actions relate to knowledge, inclusion and incidence, and well-being.

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