16 December 2010 Viet Nam

Workshop Generates Valuable Feedback on Land Allocation Research Project

On November 22, Tropenbos International (TBI) Viet Nam organized a workshop to report some findings on the research project “Impacts of Forestry Land Allocation on the Livelihoods of Local People and Forest Resources in the North Central Region,” one of six research projects currently being implemented by TBI Viet Nam. The event gathered over forty representatives from TBI’s partners and stakeholder institutions at the Festival Hue Hotel in Hue City for a spirited discussion.

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20 November 2010 Suriname

Domestic Timber Market: Insights and Developments

On 12 November 2010, TBI Suriname organized a workshop titled ‘Domestic Timber Market: Insights and Developments’. The goal of the workshop was, through group discussions, to acquire insights in the deficiencies in the areas of knowledge, research and capacity within the domestic timber market.

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12 November 2010 DR Congo

Artisanal timber logging

Excessive artisanal timber logging is said to threaten the forest resource base especially in the east of Congo where there is a lucrative market for timber due to the high demand in neighbouring countries. Artisanal timber logging (chainsaw milling) refers to small-scale logging activities whereby the logs are being processed into planks on-site using a chainsaw. The planks are then carried out of the forest to a nearby road or river for its commercialization.

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10 November 2010 Viet Nam

New Directions in National Forest Policy

On 26 October 2010, the Forest Science Institute of Viet Nam (FSIV) cooperated with the Science Technology and Environment Department/ MARD and Tropenbos International Viet Nam programme (TBI Viet Nam) to organize a national workshop in Ha Noi.

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08 November 2010 DR Congo

Land use issues in the Oriental province of the Democratic Republic of Congo

On 22 and 23 October TBI in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) organised a workshop with key informants from the government, the private sector, universities, technical colleges and NGOs to identify the most important issues concerning the use and management of natural resources in the Oriental Province in DR Congo.

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14 September 2010 Viet Nam

Research on forest land allocation policy under way

As a researcher on the project “Creating Synergy in Forest Research” between HUAF and IDS/UU for mutual capacity development in forest research, PhD candidate Tran Nam Tu has been selected to develop the research proposal “The impacts of forest and forest land allocation policy on rural livelihood in Central Viet Nam”.

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